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As a consultant in marketing analytics, we help businesses construct data-driven marketing by creating a focused strategy and optimization plan. To remain at the heart of your performance, we offer marketing consulting services to improve data resource integration, link data trends, optimise reporting systems, and effect efficiency.

At 3zen consulting, our ability to gather, analyse, and use data is one of our most valuable assets. We build up systems to extract additional data, discover major sources of existing data, and help you locate the most important indications to look at. After carefully analysing the data, we give the insights that will help you take the essential steps to accelerate growth.

Our Marketing Analytics Solution’s

I work with several marketing clouds and analytical technologies as a marketing analytics consultant, including:

Our Analytics Services

Marketing analytics offers effective learning and marketing capability expansion to regulate marketing performance.

Analysis of a Funnel

We analyse the path visitors travel through your website, identify bottlenecks, drop-off points, and other issues, and develop solutions to address them for a higher conversion rate using a detailed digital analytics dashboard.

Analysis of Channels

We look into the marketing and sales issues affecting the various organisational channels and offer solutions.

Analyze the Content

We may find content gaps and create a more inclusive, goal-driven content strategy by doing a thorough content audit.

Auditing of Digital Marketing

Our thorough audit gives you a bird's-eye view of the advantages and disadvantages of your present digital marketing analytics strategy.

Optimization & testing

If a testing cycle is not included in the digital marketing analytics plan, the increasing approaches cannot be optimised.