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Application Integration

Data sharing across various enterprise systems is made possible by 3Zen Consulting while data redundancy is decreased. We use effective procedures at a cheap cost to merge and optimise the data and workflows across two dissimilar software systems.

By automating your business processes, integrating applications frees up your staff to concentrate on improving other areas of your company. Ordering and fulfilment, billing, collections, costs, approvals, and other processes are all automated as part of our core processes.

Concepts on Application Integration

Our applications interact with customers by sharing information and calling on our services. One of the Digital Transformation techniques is application integration, which allows your company to run in novel and creative ways.

API - Application Programming Interface

A series of protocols that define how various software components should communicate are included in your company’s APIs. That in particular makes it simple and quick for developers to access the features of your product.

Actions & Events

Any user who purchases your product or service creates an event that sets off a single action or series of actions, including common operations like creating and retrieving data and application-specific operations like creating a new case in Salesforce. ​

Data Mapping

The process of making data flow between two applications, such as filling out a contact form in one location and having the information appear in another, is known as information exchange. ​

Benefits Of Application Integration

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