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Automation TESTING

An way to evaluating and comparing the real outcomes of software functioning is called automation testing. Industry experts feel that automation testing is a technique to automate repetitive tasks & other testing duties that are challenging to do manually in order to produce test results through test scripts or other automated testing technologies.

Test planning, tool selection, test environment setup, test data preparation, test script generation and maintenance, and reporting are among the services offered for automated testing. For more than ten years, 3Zen Consulting has offered comprehensive test automation services to help businesses cut testing time and expenses.

Automated testing is a process that validates if software is functioning appropriately and meeting requirements before it is released into production.

Our Unique Approach

Our automated software testing team adheres to a well defined testing methodology and establishes standards to put best practises into effect in order to provide high-quality software at the end of the process.

Reduced Cost For Test Automation

By outlining the potential test automation coverage, breaking down challenging test situations into manageable chunks, selecting/creating an efficient and reusable test automation framework that best fits your software evolution and other company testing tasks, the automation professionals at 3Zen Consulting increase the return on investment of your test automation project. To lessen the time and effort needed to design and maintain tests, our Expert team employs a data- or keyword-driven testing framework.

Timelines That Are Suitable For Business

As soon as you give us a deadline, we'll start working on your project and test automation requirements. The test environment will be created, test scenarios and scripts will be written, and automated tests will be conducted by our internal team. Within the iteration deadline, we will deliver all release and regression tests.

Quality Based On KPIs

To assure the outstanding performance of our in-house team, testing specialists from 3Zen Consulting assess testing effectiveness against a predetermined set of KPIs and provide monthly updates on their fulfilment. We frequently use these test automation KPIs, which are listed below. Throughout the project, internal specialists produce a variety of scripts to track test automation progress and faults found. For accurate testing implementations, experts advise evaluating the efficacy of writing test automation scripts.

Customized Automated Testing Software

3Zen Consulting's test automation experts evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and frameworks. Experts change to different frameworks and technologies in order to improve the current test automation toolkit. Adding essential tools, upgrades, integrations, and special features will help you make the most of your automated testing toolbox.

Collaboration With The Development Team

To make sure that test automation operations are prioritised and scheduled appropriately, our test automation experts consult with your internal or external development and QA teams.

Our Automation Solution

Manual QA testing services are required to create a software solution that satisfies your objectives and expectations. Our bespoke software development and manual testing firm provide all sorts of testing as a stand-alone service or as part of your project development. Here are some of the most significant advantages you may obtain.

Automation solutions are business solutions that are designed to replace slow, outdated manual processes with streamlined, automated workflows, leading to increased efficiency and accuracy.