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Contract staffing means that the employees are recruited for the short-term employment contracts, in contrast to, the permanent full-time workers.


We are a top staffing firm that specialises in finding highly qualified technical workers temporary jobs. We are dedicated to creating enduring connections with the people we work with—our clients, applicants, and employees. Introducing 3 Zen Consultancy.

Our knowledge addresses the complicated workforce issues that enterprises are currently facing. With our state-of-the-art contract staffing services, we provide the solutions that advance your company.

Contract staffing can be used to minimise and reduce business liabilities such as unemployment, workers compensation, and other benefits.

Knowing About Contract Staffing

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are businesses that employ contract workers, and at 3 Zen, we offer hassle-free contract staffing solutions by streamlining the procedure. We are acclimated to the most recent trends in hiring, so we provide you with young, vibrant, experienced professionals that are knowledgeable about the most recent technological developments.

We are the first to respond when you require a trained workforce to meet the expectations of the sector. Our services are specialised to meet your needs. Look at the services listed below:

Advantages of Contract Staffing

3 Zen provides the following services:

Talent Based Outsourcing

Appropriate employees can be hired or selected from the company's current workforce for varied clients.

Sector-wise Expertise

The contract services provider oversees employee payroll, benefits, and social security contributions.

Domestic & International recruitments

Contract extensions or terminations, as well as employment issues, are handled by the staffing agency.

Flexible contracts

Contracts for employment or services that are compliant and in line with the client company's project or job needs are made available.