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3Zen Consulting have the expertise required to carry out and provide software implementation services. We will recognise the importance of the necessary solutions to your organisation and provide training to assist you in putting the solutions into action. Our experts offer software implementation services based on client demands.

Utilizing a methodical, all-inclusive approach that ranges from testing to design, the objective of implementation services is to assist you in fast achieving the best results from your software solution. To create software installations that are effective and advance your company, you need the right combination of sector-specific and technological expertise.

Benefits of Implementation Services

Our Data Implementation Services

We follow a structured approach to data migration that entails three stages: preparation, migration, and post-migration. A detailed explanation of implementation services can be found in the section that follows.

Data Migration

Through data migration, we import historical data into our ERP from legacy systems and other archives. These procedures are performed by our qualified experts, who have a lot of data transfer experience. You won't need to add any spreadsheets to the system if you use 3Zen Consulting's data migration services.

Employee Training

Both onsite and remote staff receive training from us. Our professional expertise provides training and ensures that everything is going according to plan during the implementation preparation conference. We are aware that preliminary planning will help your staff become familiar with new systems. We provide training as a remedy for our software implementation services, enabling both new hires and continued training with current personnel.


As an IT company, we provide specialised solutions and describe the software costs during the current sales process. Throughout the process, we inform our clients about the new procedures. While our experts conduct further study on their particular criteria for future consideration, we suggest our clients to discuss the requirements they have stated.

Installation and Cofiguration

Clients can communicate with the cloud-based service that our specialists instal on a server via RDP. Each client receives a customised cloud environment that includes additional storage, more SQL servers, and other features based on their needs. The needs and preferences of the clients are taken into account when designing each software version.