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Mobile application testing is a must for any portable device applications. To summarise a thorough grasp of testing, testing is a method used to validate a specific level of quality prior to the release of a web or mobile application in the market (app store/play store).

Functional, compatibility, usability, performance, and security testing are some of the several kinds of mobile application testing. Since 2018, 3Zen consulting has offered a full variety of services for testing mobile applications. Our knowledge of mobile specifics and requirements guarantees the excellent quality and user acceptance of your app.

Our Unique Approach

The following elements are a part of the 3Zen Consulting mobile testing methodology, which produces creative solutions. You will be in total control of the testing procedure and get a special perspective on everything we do during each project iteration. Any reporting technique that you prefer can be followed by us.

Analyzing Project Requirements

Our mobile testing staff will assess your project requirements and check for errors. Analyzing the project's initial requirements can assist prevent erroneous results. ​

Choosing Instruments & Planning the Approach

It is challenging to test the app on every mobile device model due to the continually growing number of available options. Based on your criteria, data for the target location, and user audience, we select the target devices. ​

Developing & Designing Test Cases

The task of developing test cases falls to the internal mobile testing team. ​


Our internal mobile testing team performs the testing and notifies the project manager of any issues. ​

Examining Test Results

The mobile testing team covers testing findings by drawing conclusions from the test results throughout the lifecycle of an application. ​