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The process that starts shortly after a project is completed is called post-implementation. The goal of post-implementation is to assess whether or not project results satisfy the demand. After the project is finished, we carry out a Post Implementation assessment. We create a checklist of the tasks designed to evaluate if the project’s goals were met, how well we managed the project, what we learned for the future, and what needs to be done to get the most out of the project’s outputs.

Services We Offer

Customers receive the best post-software implementation services from 3Zen Consulting. 

Customer Support

In order to satisfy our clients and deliver their solutions on time, we offer quick troubleshooting. We offer multi-tiered assistance that includes great customer care, on-site support, and help services.

Technical Support

To gather, organise, and address product support, modification requests, or concerns, we put in place industry-standard systems. Additionally, we offer technical support over the phone or by email on demand. ​

Managed & Advisory Services

To increase production through process optimization, we offer consulting services to businesses, IT directors, and operational directors. We also provide hosting and business process services to benefit our clients even more. ​