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In order to accelerate development and lower development costs, 3Zen offers staff augmentation services to non-IT companies and IT organisations. Instead of contracting out an entire project to a different organisation, our solution typically welcomes additional resources as needed within the organisation. By sending qualified people to your firm via augmentation, our staffing solution gives it flexibility. Established individuals who are dependable, successful, and committed to offering ground-breaking solutions work at 3Zen.

Scale Up Your Team With Staff Augmentation

3Zen’s project development methodology utilises talent that is available on demand. We fill any hard-to-fill roles with the best candidate, enhancing project development’s scalability and effectiveness. It is best to always have a checklist before working on a project if you need highly qualified professional services to assist it.

Cost-Efficient Method

To increase the efficiency of your project, hire a full-time, qualified specialist temporarily.

On-Going Hiring Process

provides more freedom because they may recruit people based on the needs of the project.

Operative Efficiency

increases operational effectiveness since they are spared the expense of infrastructure.

Secure Data

Hire security professionals to secure your software, then follow their recommended procedures.

Workforce Transparency

Hire professionals and highly trained full-time specialists to expand your team.


A range of technical services are available from 3Zen. Below, we’ve provided a few samples of our knowledge in providing various types of technical services.



Initiatives for data migration start with data migration objectives and scope, then begin with requirements gathering, dataset appraisal, and prioritisation. We develop criteria for evaluating data quality, and we talk to various clients about their transfer needs.


According to the needs, we gather data and other necessary information for secure transfer. We make sure to migrate your system by putting out a strategy to protect against any issues that may arise. deciding on the data transformation to ensure sure the new system is error-free.


At the migration execution stage, we streamline the software and hardware requirements and, if your project is too specialised, offer a custom-tailored solution. To guarantee correct migration delivery, we extract, transform, and load data utilising prescribed figure assessing.


Verifying the data after migration involves determining if it consistently complies with the workflow criteria of the new repository. We also look for holes, inconsistencies, and defects in both the old and new systems. Decommissioning legacy systems will be covered by the services for software re-engineering and data migration.