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Application Integration

Our committed specialists are available to help you at any time by providing technical support for implementing the solutions we provide. We recognise the value of customers in a company’s growth and show our appreciation by providing the necessary service.

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Global organisations, top companies, professional services firms, and consumers can all achieve fantastic achievements with the aid of a 3Zen Consulting.

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Working with 3Zen Consulting is a step up for customers, a ladder for professionals to climb, and environmentally sustainable because there is no infrastructure made of brick and mortar, no commuting, and the cloud.

Solutions We Offer

Application Support

We offer three levels of technical support for each application. In the first stage, we identify the issue, and in the second, our professionals investigate the root of the issue. During the third phase, we fix errors, enhance the service, and update the documentation. Our qualified knowledge provides service promptly and gets in touch with you after the remedy.

Product Support

Building greater client relationships is the main issue facing businesses right now. Additionally, organisations must concentrate on how new process initiatives affect the current workforce by placing additional pressure on them to service consumers. Our company offers effective solutions that satisfy the demands of your product and appeal to your clients by providing services that are optimised. Our product business solutions also include product and application customization, change requests, and product improvement.

Technical Helpdesk

Organizations provide technological help desks to solve client inquiries. Additionally, most help desks are unable to serve their clients on time due to the recently increased demand. However, our staff of technical experts enjoys answering any of your questions. We provide a range of extra services, including pre- and post-sales support, remote assistance, and enterprise support. Our staff has experience handling and swiftly resolving product-related complaints. Customers develop trust in your business when you provide them with great service. Our crew always respects customers and frees businesses from concerns about their products.